Dottorpod© Premium proffessional tool set

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You need proffessional tools for your mobilphone repairs?

Dottorpod is known to produce the tools, every repair specialist has dreamt of. But why buy alll tools separetly? Now Dottorpod offers not only all tools in one set, also the price is really way cheaper than to buy them separately.

Now buy your complete set with all tools form Dottorpod:

The set includes:

  • iSesamo : best selling tool designed for "hard jobs"
  • iFlex : tiny and flexible Super Inox Tool - the "adhesive killer"
  • iSclack : Press and lift suction clamb for touch panels
  • iPlastix : tiny, soft, flexible plastic to remove LCD´s without scratches or breaks
  • iHold : safely position and hold touch panels in place - "hands free operation". Versions for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6
  • iScrews : Keeping track of 20-30+ tiny screws while servicing an iPhone, 17 versions from iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iHold Evo : safely position and hold touch panels in place - "hands free operation"
  • Mini iSesamo : Universal-Tool as free bonus

  • Universal Set for everyone repairing mobile phones
  • Fast delivery