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High Definition VGA Box Composite Video auf VGA

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You want to connect a device with composite video connection to a monitor or projector? Here is the correct one:

Many conventional VGA box convert the image only in a low quality and poor resolution. The FLY7503W VGA Box supports 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 wide screen image signals and converts them to VGA resolution up to WSXGA (1680x1050)! Many newer devices and game consoles already have a VGA output, older devices and home computers not. With this box you can connect your device to a PC monitor anyway, as far as a composite video output is available. Please inform yourself before buying just about the outputs of your device. On many devices are in the video output marked by a yellow RCA jack. Other devices, such as for example the Sinclair Spectrum have the signal on the RGB connector (128k) or need an additional adapter (48k, +2 A, +3). We will inform you.

The converter has several decoding functions and selects the best image. At the same time you can connect your PC is also on the box and switch between PC and other devices.

Input: 1 x Composite video, 1 x S-Video and 1 x VGA;
Output: 1 x VGA;
Switch between sources VGA, composite video or S-Video;
The VGA-input signal is passed unchanged;
PAL / NTSC compatible;
-Supports widescreen LCD.
VGA resolution: 800X600/60HZ, 800X600/75HZ, 1024X768/60HZ, 1280X720/60HZ, 1440X900/60HZ, 1600X900/60HZ, 1680X1050/60HZ.
Settings are saved automatically and are then back on while still available.

- Composite video and S-video signals can be extrapolated (scale-up) to 1680x1050. And 3D video processing is supported.

In the packaging there is the converter, a standard RCA video cable, a standard S-video cable, power adapter and instructions in English. A standard VGA cable is recommended in addition to the simultaneous connection of a PC.