Joystick-Interface "ANGRY INVADERS" for ZX Spectrum, white

Artikel number VAR3763

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Simple Joystick interfaces are from the past. "ANGRY INVADERS" offers you more:



  • 1 Joystick Port, usable as KEMPSTON or SINCLAIR2 Port
  • Dimensions : 82 x 50 mm
  • Colour available: BLACK PCB / WhitePCB
  • Main Chip:ATF1502 CPLD
  • Passtrough, it means You can connect other ZX devices.
  • Built in Joysticks TESTER (all directions and fire usage is indicated by led ).
  • Autofire - Fully compatible with typical AMIAG/ATARI/C64 josytsticks.
  • Switch to toggle between Kempston and Sinclair
  • Further switch to switch the blinking invader on/off
  • Reset Switch !!!
  • Fully compatible with Kempston Mouse INTERFACE and others


A great new product for the ZX Spectrum, compatible with 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A/B und +3.