Joystickinterface 2 Port

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Games are much more fun using a Joystick than the keyboard. This interface supplies your Spectrum with a "Kempston" Port and a "Sinclair" Port. So you should be able to play all games using one of these two joystick standards. Unfortunately there is Sinclair 1 and Sinclair 2 existing and they emulate Keys 1-5 or 6-0. In many games it is not clear when choosing Sinclair Joystick, if it meant Sinclair 1 or 2. But usually games offers to define keys, so define keys 6-0 and you can use the Sinclair-Joystick of this interface.

We have more interfaces for Sinclair 1, 2, Cursor etc. If you are searching for a particular interface, do not hesitate to contact us.