ArcadeR 9 pin standard Joystick compatible to Atari, Commodore, Sega etc.

Artikel number VAR7030

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You cannot play retro games without a retro joystick. But this joystick is not really old, it is made with modern technics and components and spare parts like cable, microswitches and buttons are easily available. And you get it in a wide range of different colours.

Play on the C-64, Amiga, Atari or ZX Spectrum (+2/+3 needs adapter). Suitable for this you find even an USB-Adapter to connect this joypad to your PC and continue playing on emulators. 

In the default setting, the joystick works on every device with standard DB9 assignment in all directions and the left fire button. There are several options for the function of the second button, which can be set. For this purpose, the joystick is delivered open so that the user can make his setting. The joystick then has to be closed with 4 screws and is ready for use. A screwdriver is included.

  • Interchangeable parts, microswitches, fire buttons and knobs can be purchased separately
  • Parts are compatible with SANWA standard
  • Stable plastic injection molded housing with UV protection
  • Option for Auto-Fire and Fire 1 / Fire 2 switches
  • Vacuum suction cups for stability (also available as a spare part
  • Available in many different colors


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