ZX-VGA-JOY Interface for ZX Spectrum (VGA and Joystick)

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Spectrum users have been waiting for this interface for a long time.

Finally it's here: ZX-VGA-JOY

Now every Spectrum can easily be connected to a VGA monitor. As far as we know, the interface works with every monitor. There are 7 screen modes:

640 x 480 60Hz
640 x 480 75Hz
640 x 480 85Hz
800 x 600 60Hz
It is NOT a CONVERTER, which means that the image is created directly with the signals from the computer and is completely clear without any conversion losses.

The interface is simply plugged into the Spectrum expansion port.

Furthermore, the interface has a Kempston joystick port and a reset button. The interface is configured via the built-in software.

The ZX-VGA-JOY includes:

  • - Professional stable black case
  • - Connections for joystick and USB (for updates)
  • - Reset button

In the set is a detailed manual.

You still need a simple VGA monitor cable, which is normally available on every monitor.

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