Sintech M.2 nVME SSD Adapter Card Upgrade Kits,Compatible for MacBook Air(2013-2017 Year) and MacBook PRO(Late 2013-2015 Year,iMac

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With this Adapter you can USE your nVME SSD with you MacBook Pro or your MacBook Air

Supports these Intel NVME SSDs:

600p, 660p, 760p, Toshiba XG3-XG4-XG5-XG5p-XG6 Line

Support the following Samsung NVME SSDs:

960 Evo, 960 Pro, 970 Evo, 970 Pro, WD: v1, v2 und v3, MyDigital: SBX - BPX

Support the  Adata NVMe SSD:

SX6000, SX7000, SX8200, SX8200 Pro etc.,

Corsair : MP500, MP510, Crucial : P1, HP, ex920, ex950

Attention!!!: Not for double-sided nVME SSD cards
It cannot support restore from internet
. It is important to prepare a bootable USB driver (M.2 PCIe has no OS system inside, it needs to be cleared first).

  • Notice: Pls read below description if it can't work for you. There is hibernation for all 2013-2014 Macs,you can set it to resolve this problem as guider in attached photo.
  • Support Adata NVMe SSD : SX6000, SX7000, SX8200, SX8200 Pro etc,Corsair : MP500, MP510,Crucial : P1,HP: ex920, ex950
  • Support Intel NVMe SSD : 600p, 660p, 760p,Toshiba XG3-XG4-XG5-XG5p-XG6 line,Samsung: 960 Evo, 960 Pro, 970 Evo, 970 Pro,WD:v1, v2 and v3,MyDigital: SBX - BPX
  • NOT Support: PM981,950 Pro SSD ,Only fit Single-sided nVME SSD,not fit Double-Sided.
  • Important Notice: It can't support recovering from internet,important to prepare bootable USB disk driver(M.2 PCIe has no OS systerm inside,it must be erased first),if you don't know how to do this, you can ask for help.