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Sintech NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Adapter Card For Upgrade 2013-2015 MacBook

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Sintech ST-NGFF2013/B/C supports following nVME SSD:

- Adata nVME SSD: SX6000, SX7000, SX8200, SX8200 etc.

- Cruicial nVME SSD: P1

- Corsair nVME SSD: MP500, MP510

- HP nVME SSD: ex920, ex950

- OCZ RD400 (and all Toshiba XG3, XG4, XG5, XG5p, XG6 line)

- Intel nVME SSD: 600p, 660p, 760p etc.

- MyDigital nVME SSD: SBX, BPX

- Kingston nVME SSD: A1000, A2000, KC1000

- Sabrent Rocket

- Samsung Polaris nVME SSD: 960 Evo, 960 Pro, 970 Evo, 970 Pro

- WD Black nVME SSD v1, v2 and v3

Samsung 970 Evo Plus need following steps:

There is bootable ISO from Samsung. Search on Samsung website for "nVME SSD-970 Evo Plus Firmware. You can insert the SSD and the stick with the ISO gets recognized automatically. Then you can update the SSD automatically. 

You can update the SSD on the Mac with no OS. 


NOTICE:because too many customers can use it,I suggest you to try it again if your MAC can't detect nVME SSD. Pls notice to insert card fully into SSD slot and you must prepare bootable USB disk(see third point) with High Sierra to format M.2 SSD first, it can't support recover from internet. main steps are as following:
1. Make sure to move to High Sierra while still on your old drive, so that a newer firmware is installed that can handle NVME.
2. Do a full backup to your TimeMachine.
3. Create a High Sierra Installer on a bootable USB stick.
4. Open the macbook and disconnect the battery while switching out the drive and make sure both adapter and new SSD sit snug. Finally reconnect the battery before closing the shell.
5. Insert the Installer USB stick from step 2, and press the option key while the machine starts. Once it's up you can now go to the disk utils to format




  • Allows M.2 PCIe nVME SSD to replace SSD MZ-JPU128T/SD6PQ4M-128G from 2013-2015 Macbook
  • Support Kingston SHPM2280P2/ 240G/ 480G, KC1000
  • Support Adata SX700,Toshiba XG3/4/5,Intel 600P,
  • Support Samsung SM951, 950 960 PRO ,960 EVO
  • Important Notice: Pls read below description if it can't work for you. There is hibernation for all 2013-2014 Macs,you can set it to resolve this problem as guider in attached photo.