Display unit white, complete compatible with iPhone 4

Artikel number VAR3357

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This is the quality professional repair services prefer. Time is money and if you built in a display just to discover that the quality is bad, you already lost time.


We offer you a fair price-performance level. The grid at the earpice gap is included, the frame is glued accurately and the LCD has a bright colourfull picture. Also other sellers are promising SINTECH-quality, but sell you then a cheaper one. You recognize the SINTECH-quality when checking for the SINTECH label on the backside, see our picture.


The Display consists of Frontglas, Touchscreen and LCD. These are glued together and cannot exchanged separatly without a difficulat separation process. This is why you should always buy the whole display, even if only the frontglas is broken.

This unit we offer here in white. The same unit we have as well in black.