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ProDuo to Dual Socket Micro SD(HC) Adapter

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Dual Socket Micro SD(HC) Pro Duo Adapter

Now you don´t need to buy the expensive ProDuo Memory Cards anymore, here is the cheap alternative. With this adapter you can use one or two much cheaper Micro SD(HC) cards. There are cards with up to 64 GB easily usable, so with two SDHC Cards you can have 128 GB Memory.

This is usable in machines that use ProDuo Memory Cards, so PSP, Sony digital cameras or Sony Ericsson mobil phones.


- First put SD Card in Slot 1 and format

- then put second SD Card in Slot 1 and format

- now put one SD Card in Slot 1 and the other in Slot 2 and format together.

Once formatted together, both SD Cards can only used in this adapter together.

Another hint: FAT32 can only be formatted to a total of 32GB. If you use bigger SD Cards and want format more, you have to use a special tool, for example "EaseUS Partition Master 9.1.1 Home Edition" which is free available in the net.