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Joysticks: An illustrated history of the game controller 1972 - 2004

The joystick is the interface between man and screen action, between reality and imagination. Since 30 years, rotate and push millions of players hands. Joysticks, the second work from home gameplan, the book is the most beautiful accessories in the world, glossary and illustrated history of input devices.

From the classic Atari stick via the handy pads by Sega and Nintendo to the precision optics of the first-person shooter presence joystick playing with the best, but also the most notorious controllers.

Joysticks provoke emotions: Controller must be thrown after the eleventh game over from the window as the last hold out excuse the button: "I can not help it - my pad stuck" are the last words of the multiplayer loser. Scapegoat, accomplice and lifesaver: Pad and Stick are the only accessories that each player takes in hand - connecting.

In collaboration with Take 2 Winnie Forster and Stephan Freundorfer present the reference book for all gamers: Joysticks shows the best and the coolest, strangest and most daring controller from 30 years of computer and video game history.

Joysticks for collectors, connoisseurs and modern gamers:

400 photos and drawings
History, technology and functions - all about 200 devices
classic museum pieces - for the first time in its full glory
the most important and iconic controller of the home computer time
the best precision equipment for PC and console
Special chapter on the evolution of game controller
Large technology index
Joysticks: An illustrated history of the game controller 1972 - 2004
First Edition: thread Hardcover, 144 pages in full color. With detailed appendices and devices directory.

ISBN: 3-00-012183-8