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Headphone jack for iPod Classic 6th/7th Generation in white colour

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Headphone port for iPod Classic headphone jack with flex in white

Compatible with the following models:

iPod 5G (Video) 30GB model no. A1238: 2005-10

iPod 5G (Video) 30GB model no. A1238: 2006-09

iPod 6G (Classic) 80 GB model no. A1238: 2007-09

iPod 6G (Classic) 120GB model no. A1238: 2008-09

iPod 7G (Classic) 160GB model no. A1238: 2009-09

We offer as well more headphone jacks for other models not in the list above.

For the repair you need special tools. You will also find our tool set in our offer.