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KEM450DAA Laser with shelf for PS3 Slim

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Your Blue Ray or DVD Medias are not working anymore in your PS3 as before? The Laser needs to be replaced usually after 2 years.


Unfortunately there are many different kinds of lasers in the PS3 Slim. Before ordering please get sure that you need exactly this type of laser. You can find the laser name written on a sticker at the side of your old laser. Do not change the laser with the KEM450AAA. KEM is the name with shelf, just the laser is "KES".

This laser has been found in the following consoles:

  •     120 GB 09/2009 CECH20xxA
  •     250 GB 10/2009 CECHxxB
  •     160 GB 07/2010 CECH 25xxA
  •     320 GB  07/2010 CECH25xxB
  •     160 GB 07/2011 CECH 30xxA
  •     320 GB 10/ 2011 CECH 300xxB