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Laser KES 451 compatible with Playstation 3 Super Clim CECH42xx CECH43xx

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Your Blue Ray or DVD's are no longer read as before? The laser is an expendable part of the PS3 and must be replaced after some time.


We offer you here a replacement laser. Unfortunately there are several models of PS3 on the market with different lasers. Here we offer the KES451 Laser, which suits in the Super Slim, Model CECH42xx and 43xx.

Older models use the laser KEM 850 PHA, which we also offer. As always there will also appear new models with new lasers, so be sure you have the correct model.

We have lasers for all models of PS3. Please take care to buy the right one. The only way to check which laser you need is to open the PS3 and check it. The model number gives you an idea, but it is never sure.

All parts you buy from us have the usual warranty.