vLA128 - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128 / +2 (grey) ULA Replacement

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The vLA128 is a modern plugin replacement for the Spectrum 128K(aka 'Toastrack') or Spectrum +2 (Grey case) ULA (type 7K010E-5 or Amstrad 40056). 

As they simply don't make Spectrum 128K ULAs anymore, then unfortunately if the ULA has failed, then options for repair are diminishing. The vLA128 provides a simple way to keep these icons of 80's computing going.

vLA128 features include:

- Fits within the same 48 pin socket outline as the original ULA.
- Narrow IC pins for easy plugin ULA replacement. In most cases the existing socket will be OK.
- Provides the same functionality as the Sinclair 7K010E-5/ Amstrad 40056.
- Passes standard ULA benchmark tests (floatspy, Brendan’s Diagnostic ROM etc.).
- Tested with an extensive suite of Spectrum 128/+2 (Grey) software.
- Ideal for preserving the original Toastrack/+2 ULA.
- Low power consumption.

Whether you want to just get a faulty Spectrum 128K back up and running, or want to preserve that precious Toastrack ULA, then the vLA128 is exactly what you need.

- full compatible with original ULA

- low power consumption